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If you are a fresher or new to a technology or struggling to get a new job or unable to finish your office work alone.

We are here to provide you the trainer who is having the expertise to solve your problem. Paid Supports is a group of technology experts working in top IT sectors. We collaborated to give online job support from India.

IT is changing very quickly and most of the time it will be very difficult to manage everything at the beginning. Our technology experts will play an important role here to manage the things as expected, those are real-time working professionals and have extensive subject experience. They will help you in solving your problems.


We help USA/Canada candidates by providing different services to solve their job related issues.

Resume Building

We help to build the resume as per the market trend that will help candidates to shortlist their resume in multiple companies.

Resume Marketing

Our marketing managers will help candidates to spread their resume in the market and will help candidates to get their dream job in less time.

Mock Interviews

We conduct few mock interviews, that will help candidates to reduce their stress and anxiety about interviewing. It also helps to boost their confidence.

Assessment Practice

We guide the candidate to solve practice assessments provided by companies like Hacker Rank and Codility that will help to solve actual assessments provided by the companies considered as level one interview.

Project Based Training

Once candidate got the job, we provide Project Based Training based on company job description. That will help candidate to introduce to another team member confidently and while attending knowledge transfer sessions.

Job Support

We provide job support to complete your office work in time and also help you to become an independent team player. Job Support is very important because employee growth depends on the work performance.

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